How to buy the right diamond?

Purchasing diamonds online: What should I look out for?

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What makes one diamond different from another? What makes a good diamond and how do I make sure that the diamond that I purchase is genuine?

What are the different characteristics that diamonds possess?

Individual diamonds are as unique as fingerprints. No pair of diamonds is exactly the same as the other. Diamonds have many different characteristics, and these characteristics can be summarised succinctly as the 4Cs (Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut).

The first C, the Carat of the diamond is determined by the grammage of the diamond. A common misunderstanding is that the carat of a diamond is determined by the size of the diamond. However, it is in fact determined by the weight of the diamond, with 200 mg, or 0.2g corresponding to 1 carat. This means that diamonds that are of the same carat need not be the exact same size.

The second C, Colour, is more varied than most layman consumers may think. Diamonds come in a variety of colours. These colours include grey, white, yellow, green, and pink. As a result, diamonds that are completely colourless are exceedingly rare and this rarity makes them very highly prized. The visible colour of a diamond is also affected greatly by the shape of the diamond.

The third C, Clarity, is determined by the number of imperfections both on the surface and on the inside of the gem. Natural diamonds are formed when carbon is under intense heat and pressure, causing the carbon atoms to crystallise. As the process through which the diamonds are formed is not uniform, the resultant diamonds are also unique and imperfect. There may be small imperfections on the surface or within the diamond that lead to them being less clear to the eye. The imperfections within the diamond are known as inclusions. Overall, imperfections cause the diamond to have a lower clarity grade.

The final C, Cut, refers to the proportions of the diamond, and this determines how well light can be reflected by the gem and how much the diamond sparkles. Diamonds do not emit light, but they seem to sparkle and shimmer under the light. This is because of the manner in which light enters and leaves the diamond. As light travels through a diamond, it is scattered and fractured, and this is what gives the diamonds their signature sparkle. The cut of the diamond decides the manner in which the light in the diamond moves and therefore determines the way that the gem sparkles.

The beauty and resultant price of a diamond is determined by a combination of the aforementioned 4Cs and the shape of the stone. Different combinations of the different characteristics can lead to diamonds that shine in vastly different ways and have very contrasting price tags.

How do I find the perfect diamond that has all the characteristics I want?

GXT World is an online global diamond distributor that works with various partners worldwide to source the best diamonds, bringing dazzling diamonds from all over the world closer to our customers. GXT World has many global partners including diamond suppliers in India, Belgium, and the United States, ensuring that the highest quality diamonds are made more accessible to our customers.

Each consumer is looking for a different diamond, with some looking for larger ones with less emphasis on the colour, and others looking for smaller, colourless gems. No matter what shape, or which combination of the 4Cs the customers are looking for, they are sure to find the diamond that they desire on the GXT World platform.

The GXT World platform is user-friendly, with customers easily able to specify the different characteristics of the diamond that they would like to purchase through the sorting function. GXT World also strives to provide consumers with the best value and best service to ensure that each customer enjoys both the diamond itself and the process through which they purchase the diamond.

How can I be assured that my diamond is genuine and will continue to hold its value long into the future?

All diamonds for sale through the GXT World diamond trading platform are certified genuine. As such, customers purchasing through the GXT World platform can have peace of mind when making their high-value purchases.

GXT World also offers diamonds that are backed by Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs). These diamonds have their certification and transaction history recorded on the blockchain, allowing the diamonds to be easily traceable. Comprehensive information about the diamond, from their country of origin as well as records of their previous owners, provides further assurance that the diamond is not counterfeit, lost or stolen. GXT World also provides a buy-back guarantee at 90% of the initial transacted price should the customer decide to sell the diamond back to GXT World after 2 years. This allows the customers to be assured of the value of the diamond and the NFT certification.

How do I make my perfect diamond into my perfect piece of jewellery?

GXT World has jeweller partners who are able to make your precious diamonds into a finished piece of jewellery for you and your loved ones. By purchasing the perfect diamond for their personal specifications and using this diamond to produce a personalised piece of jewellery, the customer is able to produce the perfect gift that lasts forever.

With a huge range of diamonds at affordable prices, a certification that is backed by the blockchain, and the ability to produce dazzling custom jewellery, GXT World provides consumers with great value and the ability to produce the perfect piece of jewellery for the perfect moment.



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