What kind of diamond jewellery should I buy for my loved one?

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3 min readSep 24, 2021

If you want to buy a beautiful piece of diamond jewellery, but do not want to go through the trouble of purchasing a loose diamond and getting it made into a piece of jewellery, purchasing a completed luxury piece may be the best choice.

What options do I have when I want to purchase luxury jewellery?

A person may only purchase diamonds or diamond jewellery a few times in his lifetime. GXT World strives to become a one-stop destination for all diamond needs, whether the customer is looking for loose diamonds or a complete piece of jewellery. As such, in addition to loose diamonds, GXT World also offers 2 special luxury brands, Daybeau and Bergère, on the GXT World platform.

While GXT World offers affordable loose diamonds on the GXT World diamond trading platform, GXT World also recognises that some customers do not seek to purchase diamonds for use as an investment vehicle and would prefer buying a complete piece of jewellery as a piece of wearable art. As such, should customers be looking for jewellery products that are already the finished article, they can look no further that the Daybeau and Bergère collections that are available on the GXT World website.

Daybeau derives its name from its slogan, “Everyday, Beautiful” and provides sophisticated and luxurious jewellery to accompany customers during beautiful daily moments. Daybeau offers classic design along with multiple limited edition jewellery collections that suit any occasion. The limited-edition jewellery collections are only produced in quantities of 10 to 20, giving the customer the experience of owning a special piece that few others own. Beyond daily moments, Daybeau also offers a range designed specifically for the special moment. The Daybeau wedding gift range provides classic jewellery that can last a lifetime.

Daybeau diamonds are specially selected and purchased from African countries including Tanzania, Congo, and Angola, and professionally produced in India, which is one of the 4 main diamond jewellery-producing countries. Diamonds 0.3 Carat and above are also GIA certified, providing assurance to customers that they will receive products of the highest quality.

Bergère is a high-end classic luxury brand that has its roots in New York. It was launched in 1947, and the brand had been well-loved since. The brand draws inspiration from a style that originated in 17th century Paris and was hugely popular in the 18th century. It combines elegant design with highest quality materials including diamonds, gold, platinum, and natural pearls. Through the incorporation of traditional design and modern luxury materials, Bergère beautifully ties tradition and luxury together. Bergère also further enhances the luxury experience for customers through its collaborations with many luxury brands.

Bergère prides itself in the cut of its diamonds. It uses unique technology to produce a 5 Excellent Cut, raising the value of the gem. Each set of Bergère jewellery is unique, as only a single set is produced. Invited customers will be able to revel in the fact that they own an exclusive piece of art. Private service is also provided during the purchase of each Bergère product, and an annual social event is held for owners of Bergère pieces to socialise and get their pieces maintained.

As a global online hub for diamond and jewellery trading, GXT World leaves no (gem)stone unturned, catering to the whole range of diamond and jewellery consumers. No matter how luxurious a piece of jewellery consumers seek, GXT World is able to deliver to the customer’s expectations and beyond.



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