When purchasing big-ticket items such as diamonds, what is the best payment method to use?

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3 min readOct 11, 2021
Different various payment methods that you can use for purchasing diamonds on GXT World

11 Oct 2021| 4 min read

Purchasing a big-ticket item is a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of all the different perks that you can get from using different payment methods. Different payment methods have different advantages and suit different needs, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution!

What is GXT World?

GXT World was born out of a vision to be the center of diamond trading in the world, connecting consumers everywhere and bringing quality diamonds to everyone. GXT World aims to achieve this goal by providing a reliable and trusted online trading platform that enables consumers from all over the world to trade diamonds with ease and convenience at their fingertips. GXT World aims to provide affordable luxury to consumers and is the first company in the world to offer diamond trading solutions while leveraging on the assurance that blockchain technology can provide.

To purchase diamonds from GXT World, customers only need to register their email address on the GXT World diamond trading platform and they will be able to create an account. However, should the purchase value be very high, other customer information may be required to be compliant to local laws. In order to make quality diamonds easily available to the masses, GXT World provides these diamonds at a very affordable price and accepts a large variety of payment methods. The payment methods that GXT World accepts include bank transfers, credit card as well GXT Token.

After selecting the diamonds that they would like to purchase and adding them to their cart on the platform, consumers are able to select their preferred method of payment.

What are the advantages of using different payment methods?

Some consumers may prefer the ease, as well as the assurance that come with bank transfers due to the rigid security features that are in-built to guard against fraud. Should they choose to pay by bank transfer, they can select the option and make the payment direct to register bank account in Singapore.

Other consumers may prefer to use credit cards due to rebates or cash-back schemes and other credit card promotions. Should they opt to purchase diamonds using their credit cards, they are able to use most major credit cards, including those issued by Visa, MasterCard, American Express and JCB. When making purchases using credit cards on GXT World, consumers are able to pre-register a credit card when signing up for an account and make the transaction a smoother process. On the other hand, should they desire to use a different credit card for a different transaction, they are able to register a new credit card during the checkout process.

GXT World also accepts payment in the form of GXT Token. GXT Token is a utility token that is listed on major crypto exchanges and currently can be used for the purchase of diamonds on GXT World diamond trading platform among many other use cases. As the value of crypto tokens can vary along with the market, especially with the variance in the value of larger cryptocurrencies, the value of the GXT Token that is used on the GXT World diamond trading platform is the value on CoinGecko at that point of time.

GXT World’s commitment to ensuring that diamonds are accessible to the masses is exhibited through the range of payment methods that is accepted, ensuring that consumers are able to get the value that they desire when they make their purchases.



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